Thursday, March 29, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 23 - THE END :(

I am finally done yay :) but this I don't get to discover new thing anymore lolz (J/king). It was fun and I learned alot of new things and somethings I thought I already knew but in reality I discovered new thing about that subject.

My favorites Exercises were Mashups, youtube. I should say week 5 and week 9 were alot of fun. I think Wikis are something new I discovered that I will go back to all the time .

I would like thank Virtual Team and Sandra Stuart for putting all this togeather for us and Sandra did her best in reminding us of the dates. I wish we do more stuff like this in the future and this is one of the reason I really Enjoy working @ SJPL. :)


Week 9 - Thing 22 - ebooks

Ebooks, I have been hearing about them for couple of years now and how they are going to to take over the actual books one day but I personally think that day will never come because there is nothing like reading the actual book. But there are many things about e books I really like such as many users can download one book at one book at one time by downloading them which makes it things very easy when availability of book is limited. Another this it is a very good way to preserve old books because digital copies can easily be copied from one computer to another which makes one good copy of book un-damageable. Almost all of the popular books are available as books to download so everyone should play around with them. SJ Library also have many books which are downloadable from our website with limited use. I think its a great feature. I am curious to see the future of e books and will be following e book seane in next few years.

Week 9 - Thing 21 - Podcasting

I have been Podcasting ever since I got my ipod 2 years ago. I subscribed myself to a podcast which download latest videos to my ipod automatically when i connect it to my computer, so I connect it over night and in the morning its all done. I made an account with Bloglines but it king of seems complicated so I just left it alone. Other than that Podcasts are great anyone can create their own and then update it weekly or even everyday if its interesting people will subscribe.

Week 9 - Thing 20 - YouTUBE

YouTube is the revolutionary site of new web age. I remember back in 2004 when it started it was just bunch of videos on a website because people didn't have that much bandwidth at home in order to upload videos but now Broadband is cheap and in this my space and online age you tube has become essential part of internet. It has been so successful that companies like Google are following on its footsteps and creating there similar service. I have been uploading videos on Youtube for about two years now and it has became my primary way of sharing my collections with my friends free of cost which can viewed anywhere in the world over the internet. I missed super bowl this year now I got that from the internet but now it was commercial free but i wanted to watch super bowl adds. You tube came to rescue. Just search for anything you will find some related to that on you tube.

Watch this random Borat Clip I found lolz

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Week 8 - Thing 19 - LibraryThing

I visited the website created an account and added my top 5 to it. It was interesting to see what other people are reading. I ended up spending sometime exploring the website. Its an interesting site. This library 2.0 thing gets better and better.
I am not a big book reader but I have read my share of school books :)
Check It Out You May Like Something

Week 8 - Thing 18 - Online Productivity Tools

I have been using Google Docs & Spreadsheets ever since they came out with them. I have known about Zoho Writer but havent had chance to explore it till today. and it is real good tool to know about but I still prefer Google Docs & Spreadsheets over it since I use it in conjuction of my email. This is real cool we actually start using this at over branch recently because we upload our weekly schedule on it and then we share it online so that everyone can see there schedule online and dont have to copy it. Very Practical and useful.

Week 7 - Thing 17 - Learning 2.0 SandBox Wiki

I added myself to the favs and now i am on top lolz atleast till someone adds there's on top.
I also added my favorite movies, TV Shows, Animals and Books to the "Learning 2.0 SandBox wiki"

cool stuff